Friday, 31 January 2014

Tips for Moving in Rainy Season

Whether it is summer season, winter or rainy season, moving is always a stressful experience. However, if you are moving in the rainy season, it adds to your moving troubles. Rains offer a perfect platform for trip and fall accidents. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when moving in the rainy season:

Protect your belongings – Upholstery, furniture, appliances, paintings, clothes, and nearly anything that you are moving can be damaged in the rains. It is therefore necessary to protect your belongings with a thick plastic sheet and secure them with a tape to protect them.

Protect yourself – Slip and fall accidents are common in the rains and therefore it is necessary to make yourself safe when moving during the rainy season. Since you would have to move frequently in and out of your home, ensure that you wear proper footwear that does not slip. Wear gloves and keep rugs, towels or mats at the entrance of your main entrance so that anyone moving in and out of the house does not bring the mud and water with them.

Be focused – Moving in itself is quite depressing and when moving in the rainy weather, you ought to feel depressed. In order to make things better for you, plan your move accordingly and try to avoid the last minute stress, as efficiently as you can. If you have kids or pets, it is better to call in a pet sitter or babysitter. Keep your pets confined to just one room so that they do not add to the chaos and create mayhem.

Prevent water from logging in your porch and driveway – Dusty driveways can become slippery which can act as serious slip and fall hazards. Do not let dust or dirt to accumulate on the driveways and if there are any cracks in the concrete, cover it with plywood to prevent the puddles from forming.

Keep your belongings in a storage unit – Moving in the rainy season can be hazardous and if you have additional belongings, it can be extremely dangerous as well. Although you can not delay moving for so long, it is advisable to keep those additional belongings that you do not require immediately in a storage facility near you. By moving only those belongings that are necessities, you can be more focused and this brings down the chances of any accidents while moving. Once you have moved, you can come back and procure the additional belongings stored in a storage room in Bronx.

Keep these tips in mind and move without stress in the rainy season.


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