Thursday, 30 January 2014

Common Pests Found in Self Storage Facilities

Self storage facilities are no doubt the best alternative for storing your additional belongings. However, you decision of storing your belongings can turn into a nightmare when you store them in a facility that has been infested by pests. Pests completely destroy your belongings and it is therefore necessary to choose a Bronx self storage facility that is free from pests and insects.

The basic purpose of storing your belongings in a storage facility is getting more space at your homes, offices or commercial space. Individuals store those belongings which hold some value to them and those they can not dispose of owing to their utility. Despite the fact that you have chosen a self storage unit, which has all the advanced electronic gadgets, it does not guarantee the safety of your belongings. There are silent killers present everywhere that can damage your belongings beyond repair. Here are some of the most common pests found in storage units –

Bugs – Bugs, especially bed bugs are the toughest pests to get rid off. These are found in beds, upholstery, books and anything that is damp and attracts moisture. The worst part about bugs is that they are extremely resistant to harsh temperatures and can not be easily terminated.

Termites – If left unchecked, termites can eat up acres of storage spaces. Termites cause the wastage of billions of dollars every year.

Flies – Flies carry a lot of diseases with them and they can enter the buildings through any open crevice. If a storage facility is unclean, flies enter it and lay larvae that can cause various diseases.

Cockroaches – Cockroaches are not only ugly looking, but they are also the carrier of various harmful bacteria including salmonella and are responsible for various diseases in humans.

Rats – Rats have an uncanny habit of chewing on everything, especially the electrical cords and linen. Apart from causing the damage to the furniture and belongings, rats also spread various diseases through their excreta.

When you are planning to store your belongings in a storage unit, it is extremely necessary to visit it and check the cleanliness measures taken by the service providers. Never store your belongings in a storage space which is unclean and shows signs of infestation. Find a clean and climate controlled Bronx storage place and ensure that your belongings remain in the same condition always.


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