Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tips to Make Your Packing Easy

Often people think that self storage units will take care of their belongings and all they have to do is just keep there belongings there. However, packing plays a very important role in keeping your belongings safe in a Bronx mini storage facility. Here are some tips that will make your packing easier –

  • Stuffing belongings haphazardly in wrong boxes will not only make it difficult for you to sort them out, but it also poses as a serious threat to their safety. Always ensure that you have the correct boxes that can be closed properly. Do not overload the boxes.

  • Labeling saves a lot of your time as you will not like searching every box to find its contents. In addition, labeling also suggests what is inside the box, for safe and proper handling.

  • Clearly mention ‘This Side Up’ on the boxes to avoid unwanted accidents.

  • Get a high quality packing tape and tape the bottom of the boxes to make sure they do not break owing to the weight.

Keep these tips in mind and make your packing easy.


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