Saturday, 15 June 2013

Common Self Storage Myths

Self storage units are gaining in popularity every day. However, there are still some myths associated with self storage units that make people think twice before storing their belongings in a self storage facility. Here are some of the myths associated with self storage units –

Size – Most people are under the impression that storage units are only large rooms and they are only economical for large business houses. However, you can store any sized belongings at a storage space, depending upon your requirement.

Security – People are worried about the security of their belongings at a storage unit as they believe that these are constantly under threat from burglars and robbers. However, a good Bronx storage facility is 24 hours under surveillance and protected by security guards, making it impossible for anyone to break-in before getting noticed.

Access – As per the common myth, a storage facility is closed after dark and you can not access it on holidays and weekends. However, storage facilities can be accessed 24 hours, making it convenient for you to get your belongings.

Keep these myths in mind and do not let these deter you in storing the belongings at a storage facility.

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  1. I actually wasn't aware that they were a 24 hour service. I think that is great for those who come in out of the place. This actually makes me want to get a unit myself because I have a few things that I want to still use but don't have the room for.