Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Scams by Storage Companies

When it comes to storing our belongings at a storage unit, one has to be extra vigilant as there are many unscrupulous storage service providers who deceive the innocent people. Here are some of the common scams by storage unit providers –

Unclean units – Some storage facilities only claim to be clean however in reality they are infested by rodents and insects. Leaky roofs, no proper climatic control can do much worse than good to your belongings.

Insecure facility and thefts – Although as claimed in the advertisements to be highly secure, a lot of storage facilities are devoid of CCTV cameras or other security measures that leads to thefts.

Hidden charges – Everything looks perfect until the moment you keep your belongings. The rent goes sky rocketing owing to the hidden charges that include utility surcharges, lock rental, late fees and additional security.

Carefully inspect the unit and do not forget to read the hidden clauses in the contract and ask even the minutest details to ensure that you are not duped by storage companies. Select the most reputable and professional Bronx storage places to save you from falling victim to the storage scams while ensuring that your belongings remain safe and secure.


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