Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Before You Keep Your Belongings at a Storage Facility

Whether it is the relocation to a new home or the annual renovation, storage facilities are an outstanding way of managing the surplus goods that you have accumulated over the years and still do not want to part with them. However, before keeping your goods at a Bronx storage facility, here are a few important things that should be considered –

Before bringing your belongings to a storage facility, visit the facility and thoroughly inspect it. Make sure to check the general upkeep of the unit, lighting, water leakage and climate control. Look out for any signs of rodents or insect infestation.

Learn about the security of the facility, as well as of the location. Check out the CCTV cameras and if they work properly or not. Other things such as the alarm system, round the clock availability of armed guards, heavy window bars and keyless locks all over the unit should also be checked.

A storage facility that offers 24 hour access should also be preferred over units that are open for a specified time. Keep these tips in mind before keeping your belongings at a storage facility.


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